She was awarded a high school letterman for her accomplishments as a classically trained opera singer. Emma Nyra is a Nigerian-American Afro pop singer. She was born and raised in the US and after completing her Bachelors Degree in Health Care Administration in , she decided that she wanted to move to Nigeria pursue her dreams of modeling, acting, and most of all, singing. Having lived in the United States, for majority of her life, then moving officially to Nigeria in early , Emma Nyra has mastered the art of infusing Afro beat with a hint of American style in her music that her many fans adore. Emma Nyra had transitioned to Lagos, Nigeria with the full intent of taking her musical aspirations to the next level. Emma Nyra has become a mainstream force within the African entertainment industry.

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Soccer ace Neymar, 22, sends private jet to collectSerbian model to bring her to Barcelona after pair met in Ibiza Champions League star Neymar, 22, reportedly sent a private plane for Serbian model Soraja Vucelic to bring her to visit him in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Tabloid Kurir reported that Soraja, 28, and the footballer met last summer in Ibiza and since then she and the Brazilian national football team star have reportedly been chatting frequently via Skype.

According to the Dailymail, Soraja allegedly flew to Neymar in Barcelona and stayed there for several days. The paper claims that the couple first agreed she would visit him at the end of October, but then decided they couldn’t wait that long and instead he cancelled the tickets and sent a private plane to collect her instead. The model later published a photo in Neymar’s Barcelona FC jersey in the aeroplane on her Instagram account. Soraja Vucelic became popular in Balkans after participating in their Big Brother show.

Joselyn Dumas rocked a white-and-black Duaba Serwa dress, which features purple detailing on the sweetheart neckline and a shoulder strap. Opting for soft wavy curls, she completed her look with.

How are your kids? And how are they taking the whole divorce issue? We are not really divorced. When its time for him to see the children, he does and when its time to return them, he does. On my part, I have carried the children along and make them understand they are not stained because of it. I wouldn’t want them to develop a complex because of it. I watch them and I think they are doing pretty okay especially because we talk about it every time there is a reason to.

New Music: Iyanya Ft. Emma Nyra, Tekno, Selebobo, Baci – Say Yeah

September 17, xtremenews9ja Entertainment , News 0 Hello Everyone, After a careful look into the Nigerian music industry over the past few years, we have something interesting to say to help Label owners avoid making such terrible mistakes. Many top Record labels have failed terribly because they build their business around 1 major artiste instead of trying to grow all the artistes signed under the label. Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse.

Trouble started between Wizkid and EME in after they had issues with the way funds is being shared between both parties including the manager.

Recording artist, singer, performer. Made Men Music Group. He sings in English and Efik. His mother was a head mistress and his father was a forester. Iyanya has described his mother as the household disciplinarian, while his father was the gentler of the two. His parents died in , his mother, 42 years-old, and his father, 50 years-old. Iyanya completed his primary, secondary, and university education in Calabar. He is a Business Management graduate from the University of Calabar.

Music career After graduating from the University of Calabar, he worked in a hotel and sang karaoke at a local bar he managed. Iyanya began developing his vocal abilities at local bars which include:

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The EP extended play housing nine tracks, will be releasing a song every Monday starting from today July 18, Emma Nyra reportedly had a fall out with her boss Ubi Franklin owing to personal issues with him, leading to her departure from the label. Iyanya, who co-owns the label has also taken a walk and is set to float his own label, following irreconcilable differences with Ubi Franklin bothering on financial misappropriation amongst other reasons.

The denomination, known as the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, also announced that it will not be affiliated with any churches “who have openly accepted same-sex marriage,” and from this point onward may not accept Holy Communion from ELCA pastors, nor are they allowed to distribute Holy Communion to ELCA members.

Another stipulation of this severing is that any leaders affiliated with the ELCA will not be invited to speak at the Mekane Yesus church, nor may they accompany the church on spiritual ministries. In this journey, we have learned from one another, we have deepened and extended the bonds of fellowship and partnership in the gospel,” Padilla added. We have already made great strides in preventing further declines of these magnificent animals and turning rhino population trends around in the areas in which we work.

I decided to change because at some point, I was not being heard. As a musician in Nigeria, you should be able to study your environment and give them what they want if you want to be relevant. When you have only a few listening, you can’t really make an impact. They would go crazy about what they’ve never heard before; even about songs they don’t understand the meaning.

You popularised the Etighi dance in your hit song, Kukere. Where did the dance originate from? What is the meaning of Kukere? It means don’t worry, don’t think. Why did you feature D’Banj in the remix of the song and what was it like working with him?

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Got into naija two days ago. Jetted off to Abuja this morning on an 11am flight. When I broke that story. Comments that I eventually deleted for privacy reasons. I subsequently got an email tip-off from a certain someone who claimed to be super privy to inside information on the love triangle.

Email Other Apps A University of Maiduguri graduate, Muhammad Sani has taken to his Facebook page to share a quite heartbreaking tribute to his wife, Hauwa, who died on Friday, September 7th, , 16 days after she suffered a stillbirth. Sani and Hauwa got married on 23rd December, , after courting for eight months. Everything about us was brief up to your last breath. We got talking around January and we became best of friends.

You taught me the meaning and value of friendship which made me amused with your way of life; so simple and charismatic in nature. You were reserved but warm, very jovial and unassuming, sometimes one will lack the right words to define your attitude but above all you were very religious.

Photos: Bisola, TY Mix, Vimbai, Others Attend Iyanya’s Surprise Birthday Party

Many top Record labels have failed terribly because they build their business around 1 major artisteinstead of trying to grow all the artistes signed under the label. Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse. Trouble started between Wizkid and EME in after they had issues with the way funds is being shared between both parties including the manager.

The pic shows Basketmouth giving the reality star a ‘talk to the hand’ gesture as she tries to get his attention. Some people who didn’t understand how that can happen felt it was Photoshopped. See what they wrote below Kim Kardashian thought she was hot shit.. Embarrassing A few months back, Kim was in Nigeria for an event. She tried to shake hands with a popular Nigerian comedian named Basketmouth.

I was at the event and here’s what happened. It happened a year ago at Darey’s Love Like a Movie concert. Basket was the host at the pre-event gala and during his set, he jokingly told Kim he wanted a pic with her that would make him look cool.

Nigerian singer Emma Nyra welcomes set of twins

If you do everything for him, he will not try to stop you. We like expanding our horizons Germans are open-minded about meeting new people from different nationalities. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Learning a few German dating tips, however, can help you avoid making dating blunders. They are not used to being propositioned in the streets and most German ladies hate machismo.

Some artistes just have problems of getting good management and record label for greater publicity. Here is a list of the notable record labels in Nigeria you should watch out for. After successfully leading the now defunct MoHits Records, Don Jazzy set out to create something that people would not have thought possible at that stage in his career.

Today, the Mavin Records is the best and foremost record label in Nigeria, with popular and active artistes to its name such as Tiwa Savage, Dr. Choc Boyz Nation is one record label that most young Nigerian rappers dream of representing. Artists formerly signed to the label include top stars like; WizKid and Skales.