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The views looking down over Hvar and the Pakleni Islands are magnificent, and well worth the trudge up through the old-town streets. Things To Do Pakleni Islands – Visit the crystal-clear waters, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons of the Pakleni Islands.

Dubrovnik and the islands off Southern Croatia are tempting travelers with natural beauty and a buzzing nightlife. Peter Jon Lindberg succumbs to their charms. The rules are simple: Choose a storied locale from a particular moment in the past 50 years, and the place that earns the most “aaah’s” wins. Someone invariably picks St.

Think of these and you’ll begin to understand the Dalmatian Coast in Right now, the islands of southern Croatia are—among a certain group of people—the premier destination in the Mediterranean region. They glimmer on the periphery enough to attract the trendy, yet hang enough off the radar to elicit blank stares among the rest. And the rest don’t know it now, but they’ll be coming soon, too.

Europeans long favored Croatia’s coastal resorts as a low-key alternative—Greece, Italy, and Spain without the tourist junk or the exorbitant prices. In the ‘s and 80’s, Yugoslavia drew more British travelers than any other European country besides Spain; most of them were bound for Dalmatia. When Yugoslavia erupted into civil war in , the Dalmatian Coast was not as hard hit as the inland regions of Bosnia and Serbia.

But violence was widespread even here, and tourists—the backbone of Dalmatia’s economy—disappeared altogether. In most of Croatia, the war now feels ages, not just a decade, gone.

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Stari Grad Plain The area around present day Stari Grad was settled by the neolithic tribes of the Hvar culture who occupied the island between and BC, and who traded with other settlements around the Mediterranean. Remains of their pottery and other artifacts have been found, along with that of the Illyrian tribe [2] that succeeded them. The settlement lay at the lower end of Stari Grad Bay, defended by two strongholds on the north and south hillsides overlooking the harbour Glavica and Purkin Kuk.

The nearby plain was marked out with roads at right angles, and divided into fields of standard size. The Stari Grad Plain today represents one of the best-preserved examples of ancient Greek agriculture throughout the Mediterranean. An inscription from the 2nd century BC, refers to the Farians and their delegation to the Greek island of Paros and the oracle at Delphi. It makes mention of the Roman senate and the people who are well disposed and benevolent towards the city of Faros from the times of their ancestors.

Further inscriptions, mosaics, tombstones, stone reliefs, fine pottery, jewellery, coins, villae rusticae in the Plain tell the story of life in and around the ancient Roman town. The first church was built in the 5th century, in the southeast corner of the town, close to the city walls, on the foundations of a prior Greek house.

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You can stay at accommodations of your choice: Whether you love fine art, excellent local dining or relaxed time on the beach, you will make the right decision with this vacation package. This wonderful vacation is for everyone; singles, couples, families and friends and small groups. Book Now Day 1:

In , Hvar Theatre was built on the first floor of the Arsenal, with entry from the Belvedere terrace above Fontik. The present day interior – the stage and auditorium with boxes – dates from a major renovation in , when the Theatre Association was : Split-Dalmatia.

St Stephen’s Cathedral and bell tower mark the eastern end of the Pjaca. The Loggia and Clock Tower Buildings on the Main Square Hvar Town is encircled on its land-side by protective walls, and overlooked by two massive fortresses set on the hills above. The fortifications were commissioned by the Venetians in , to create a haven for their fleet, and have been expanded in the centuries since. Within the walls, the public buildings and palaces combine Venetian architectural style, with a distinct local flavour in materials and workmanship.

Much of the old town survives intact, in both layout and architecture, though more modern housing has developed in the surrounding areas. The town walls date from the 13th century and, with later additions and renovations, stretch from the fortress down to the square where they join the third wall in an east-west direction. This wall is practically camouflaged by a series of patrician houses built into it.

The walls are interspersed with four-cornered side towers, the construction of which lasted, with essential repairs, from the 13th to the 16th century. The site now also houses an observatory. At the heart of the town lies the Pjaca Piazza , leading from the waterfront to the Cathedral.

Stari Grad, Croatia

It is situated in picturesque nature, facing the southern, side of the world that has given it all Mediterranean attraction and cheerfulness; facing sea and having the unique nautical position, that gave it amazing and unforgettable history. Hvar is an inexhaustible treasury of the scenery, atmosphere and adventure, a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present. Hvar The Island Hvar belongs to the central Dalmatian archipelago, it’s the second biggest Croatian island and the longest one.

The eastern promontory of Hvar is only 4.

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In the republic of Croatia, when performing on Festivals of Croatian theatre amateurs, almost every theatre’s performance meant winning the first place. Commendations and performances on Dubrovnik summer Games, Split summer, th anniversary of Matica Hrvatske, and Festivals of public theatres. Performances of the Hvar public theatre, for every important occasion, are the most representable cultural product of this City. The Theatre was built in , on the first floor of the Arsenal building during the rule of venturesome Duke Petar Semitecolo.

The monumental Arsenal building situated in the historical centre of the Town of Hvar is one of the most important buildings of naval architecture of its kind on the Mediterranean. The inscription on the lintel of the main entrance to the Theatre, on Belvedere — Fontika terrace, next to the north facade of the Arsenal, reads: The year , as the inscription says, was the second year of peace between the divided social strata of Hvar’s Commune.

By building the Theatre, Semitecolo offered to all social strata equally, a room for cultural and social events to take place, and in an inconceivably democratical manner for that period in history, he created the very first Public Theatre in Europe. In the history of theatres throughout Europe, Hvar’s Theatre dating from follows immediately after Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza and Teatro all’Antica in Sabbioneta The fact of its early beginnings has insured its important role in the history of theatres in general.

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There are options for the most active traveler with an abundance of historical sights to visit, countless places of interest to enjoy and a handful of active excursions. For the person looking to get away and relax, Croatia can also be an ideal beach, sun and fun holiday. At this time the Destination Manager will meet with the group members in their accommodations to provide local information and suggestions for their stay.

Local cell phones will also be provided so the group has a link to the Destination Manager should they need anything during their stay. The island offers enough to keep you busy for days, but there are also day excursion options to choose from: Rent boats or hire a private skipper to cruise around the neighboring 21 islands.

When it comes to love tourism, it’s best visiting Zagreb and/or Osijek in spring and if coming to Croatia during summer, avoid the most hyped places like Zrce beach and .

Dubrovnik Day 1 — Dubrovnik Arriving in Dubrovnik, you will be met our representative outside Customs Hall and transferred to the Hotel Kazbek, a sixteenth century villa on Dubrovnik harbor recently converted to a luxury boutique hotel. Hotel Kazbek Day 2 — Dubrovnik Morning private tour of Dubrovnik old town, across the bridge guarded by a statue of Saint Blaise, through Pile Gate and down the city’s main artery, known as Stradun or Placa.

Along the way we visit, among other places, the Sponza Palace, notable for its columned courtyard with elaborate stone carvings, the Dominican church and monastery with its rich treasury, the impressive Rector’s Palace, the church of Saint Blaise and the fourteenth-century Franciscan Monastery whose cloister ranks among the most inspiring sites of the city.

Montenegro has become another Adriatic destination that is a wild land where mountains drop straight into the sea and where you’ll find delightful towns such as Kotor, Budva and Montenegros jewel, Sveti Stefan. These towns cling to the coastline on the route south from the border with Croatia. On arrival, transfer to Hvar town. Stephen’s Square Trg Sveti Stjepan. Dating to the 13th century, this square is Hvar Town’s center of activity.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia

Hvar in History The Egyptian Desert Connection The island of Hvar has a rich history, with many international influences, dating from the arrival of the Ancient Greeks in BC, continuing with the Romans and including an extended period of Venetian rule, but there are also fascinating stories from Hvar’s past which include the people of Hvar on foreign shores.

None of these is more intriguing than the story of El Shatt in Egypt, a remarkable piece of Hvar history, whose 70th anniversary is marked this year. In , at the height of the threat of German invasion during World War II, more than 25, civilians from Dalmatia, mostly women and children, and including more than 3, from Hvar, were relocated to the Sinai Desert by British forces.

During the hiking tours on Hvar you will experience the atmosphere of ancient villages, framed by vineyards, dramatic coastal scenery, shady groves of olive You will learn about the traditional life on Hvar and the history dating back to ancient times, the local people, gastronomy, etc.

Highlights Cruise aboard a very comfortable small ship to explore Croatia’s coastline. Imagine sailing along the azure waters of the sparkling Adriatic. Dive in for a leisurely swim before lunch and then get ready to explore the cobbled streets of an ancient town. When night falls, join the locals and delve into culinary delights for dinner in an unforgettable setting. Please check with or info small-cruise-ships. Adriatic Cruise from Dubrovnik itinerary: In the late afternoon we arrive at Split to spend the night.

We stop along the way for a relaxing swim in one of the secluded coves weather permitting. Lunch on board and in the afternoon we arrive in the town of Hvar. Apart from its unique cultural heritage, Hvar is celebrated destination for singles and families, sailboats and super-yachts. While in Hvar you will have the possibility to book guided tour of Hvar. Enjoy the overnight here. We arrive in the heart of Mljet National Park which encompasses five types of forests, many species of birds and two deep lakes.

If you want to visit Mljet National Park, walk to the entrance where you can purchase the ticket to walk around the Great Lake and the Small Lake and join the boat ride to St.

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