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Bus 72 runs twice an hour from the bus station near the departures level at Terminal 1 to Zeleni Venac market in the city centre. The tickets except for the one ride ticket can be bought from the shop that sells food and newspapers inside the departures hall. The trip takes about 40 – 60 minutes depending on the traffic and the buses run from As of February , the ticket prices are: The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. The fare is RSD, which is paid on-board; be sure to tell the driver what your destination is before departure. The trip takes minutes.

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My article on these: Not Angels, but Angels A documentary about boy prostitution in Prague. The economic boom and the recently won political freedom have turned that beautiful, graceful city into a new mecca for both Eastern and Western tourists in search of sex. Young men trying to live up to the standards of Western consumerism readily fall prey to quick, easy money from hustling.

The young hustlers’ disarming frankness and need to talk become the compelling engine that drives the film. Rather they speak of their lives in often gruesome and stripped-bare details, leaving us chilled by their short and fragile lives in grasp of the oldest trade on earth.

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Republic of Serbia — In , the area was ravaged by Attila the Hun. In it was retaken by the Byzantines. The first record of the name Belograd appeared on April, 16th, , in a Papal letter [36] to Bulgarian ruler Boris I. Later, this name appeared in several variants: For about four centuries, the city remained a battleground between the Byzantine Empire , the Kingdom of Hungary and the Bulgarian Empire.

He also refortified the city’s ancient walls, allowing the Despotate to resist the Ottomans for almost 70 years. During this time, Belgrade was a haven for many Balkan peoples fleeing Ottoman rule, and is thought to have had a population of 40, to 50, people.

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This modern sleeper train is a pleasure to travel on, whether in the privacy of your own sleeper or in economical couchettes. There’s time for dinner in Munich before boarding. The sleeping-car on the Lisinski: The modern air-conditioned Croatian sleeping-car of the Lisinski from Munich to Zagreb has 10 compartments with washbasin, each of which can be used as a 1, 2 or 3 berth room, with toilets at the end of the corridor.

Above left, the sleeper arrived at Zagreb. The couchette car on the Lisinski has modern air-conditioned 6-berth and 4-berth compartments.

Belgrade (/ ˈ b ɛ l ɡ r eɪ d / BEL-grayd; Serbian: Beograd / Београд, meaning “white city”, Serbian pronunciation: (listen); names in other languages) is the capital and largest city of is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The urban area of the City of Belgrade has a population of million, while.

The Vlachs were guides and guards of Roman caravans in Balkans. Between Prespa and Kastoria they met and fought with a Bulgarian rebel named David. The Vlachs killed David in their first documented battle. It began on 26 October , the feast day of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki, and ended with the creation of the Second Bulgarian Empire , also known in its early history as the Empire of Bulgarians and Vlachs. A town, Baia near the said river , was documented in as settled by the Transylvanian Saxons see also Foundation of Moldavia.

Boldur In addition to the ethnic groups of Aromanians, Megleno-Romanians, and Istro-Romanians who emerged during the Migration Period, other Vlachs could be found as far north as Poland, as far west as Moravia and Dalmatia. States mentioned in medieval chronicles were: Vlachs led by Ploskanea supported the Tatars in the Battle of Kalka. Vlach lands near Galicia in the west, Volhynia in the north, Moldova in the south and the Bolohoveni lands in the east were conquered by Galicia. Place names were Olohovets, Olshani, Voloschi and Vlodava, mentioned in 11th-to th-century Slavonic chronicles.

It was conquered by Galicia.

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Eventually the network lost its cohesion altogether and fell into decline. It is likely that, after two millennia of intensive farming, economic stresses caused by decreasing soil fertility were partly responsible for this decline. According to this hypothesis its period of decline was followed by an invasion of warlike, horse-riding Proto-Indo-European tribes from the Pontic-Caspian steppe.

Compared to earlier cultures of the First Temperate Neolithic FTN these practices were intensified, with increasing specialisation on high-yield cereal crops and the secondary products of domesticated animals, consistent with the increased population density.

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These artworks were found largely associated with equally unique trapezoidal limestone building floors around their centrally located rectangular stone-lined hearths. A debate has raged since the discovery of the site about the chronological place of various discovered features. While over years different views from that of the excavator about the stratigraphy and chronology of the site have been put forward, some major disagreements about the chronological position of the features that make this site a key point of reference in European Prehistory persist.

A 2 x 1 m trench was opened in the cave which was explored up to the depth of 1,6 m. Excavations included examination of four geological layers where Palaeolithic artefacts were found together with the remains of Pleistocene fauna. In the upper layers 2, 2b the excavations confirmed the presence of backed bladelets and a short scraper on the flake, while in lower layers 2c1, 2c2 , besides backed bladelets, they confirmed the presence of truncated backed bladelets and a point whose tip and partly base were ventrally thinned by a shallow surface retouch.

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Bus 72 runs twice an hour from the bus station near the departures level at Terminal 1 to Zeleni Venac market in the city centre. The tickets except for the one ride ticket can be bought from the shop that sells food and newspapers inside the departures hall. The trip takes about 40 – 60 minutes depending on the traffic and the buses run from As of February , the ticket prices are: The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. The fare is RSD, which is paid on-board; be sure to tell the driver what your destination is before departure.

The trip takes minutes. If you prefer to take a taxi, read General precautions below. The taxi fare from the airport is fixed – most taxi companies have a price list in multiple languages. Luggage fees are usually non – existent, but some companies charge them for luggage which weighs over 30 kg. You can order a taxi by phone or simply go upstairs to the left until you get to the departure section and catch one of the taxis dropping off passengers.

You can find the list of the most reliable taxi companies which operate out of Nikola Tesla airport on this link [ ] It is worth noting that you cannot change dinars inside the airport, and while the airport shops will accept dinars, all prices will be stated in Euros. It’s also worth noting that the airport duty free is vastly overpriced. For example, bottles of viljamovka – pear rakija with a pear grown inside the bottle – sells for the equivalent of around 10 euros in convenience stores throughout the city centre but is priced at 74 euros in the airport.

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That’s because this country in southern Europe has all the ingredients to make your visit an unforgettable experience. Cities which bear the marks of a rich mixture of cultures, monuments and natural spaces awarded the World Heritage designation by the UNESCO, some of the world’s most important museums, beaches to suit everybody, a pleasant climate all year round, the healthy Mediterranean diet, typically Spanish traditions such as flamenco and bullfighting You’ll find it very easy to get here thanks to the multitude of international connections available in Spain.

Let yourself be captivated by the Mediterranean character and by the openness and friendliness of its people. Surrender to the magic of its streets. This is a place where life is always enjoyed to the utmost.

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The territory now known as Hungary formed part of the Roman province of Pannonia. It lay in the path of successive waves of so-called barbarian invaders who migrated into Europe from central Asia between the 4th and 9th centuries. Their influence was widespread in Balkan Europe north of the Byzantine empire but for convenience the families of these invaders are shown in this document concerning Hungary, where many of them settled at least temporarily.

The territory of “Pannonia” was organised as a separate province of the Roman empire, centred on what is today Hungary, in AD 10 [1]. It was heavily fortified as protection against barbarian incursions from the east. Gregory of Tours, writing towards the end of the 6th century, records that “it is commonly said” that the Franks originated in Pannonia, before migrating northwards across the river Rhine into Germany and later northern France, citing “the historians whose works we still have” [2].

No other source has so far been identified which corroborates this claim. If it is correct, the Frankish occupation of Pannonia predated the arrival of the Ostrogoths in the territory. Loss of Roman control of Pannonia was confirmed when Emperor Valens was defeated by the Goths in at the battle of Adrianople, in neighbouring Thrace. In the last decades of the 4th century, the Ostrogoths migrated into Pannonia from the area north of the Danube and used it as their base from which to launch their onward migration into Italy.

The mythical origins and later history of the Goths is recorded by Jordanes in his mid-6th century Getica [3]. Well-connected with the contemporary ruling class in Italy, and not too distant in time at least from the later events which he records, it is reasonable to suppose that his narrative is broadly accurate, although impossible to identify the precise moment in the text when myth evolves into fact.

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