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How to Hook Up the Air Supply on a Tractor Trailer by Jeff Miller Of all of the systems on a tractor trailer, the air supply system is the most important because it controls the rig’s brakes. Every time a trailer is hooked to a tractor the air supply system must be hooked up by the operator. Look for the air line couplers on the tractor and trailer. Two air lines extend from the back of the tractor — one is red and one is blue. Each line has a coupler on the end of it called a glad hand that mates with a corresponding glad hand on the front of the trailer. Engage the brakes by pulling out the red brake knob on the dashboard of the tractor. The yellow knob next to it should pop out automatically. If it doesn’t, pull it out manually. Check the glad hand seals on the trailer and the tractor.

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The National Dock Safety Program is a core element of the LCL Corporate DC Health, Safety and Glad Hand Lock Type of lock used to wrap around the brake line connection to prevent any type of hook up .

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The 2 air lines would hook up to the trailer via glad hands. The glad hands are painted red and blue to match the air lines so the drive can’t hook them up wrong (although I have been on service calls where the drive has done this, hooked them up backwards, but that’s another hilarious story).

Pinterest When we get in our semis and straight trucks to haul grain, we are glad when we hit the brake peddle to stop and we stop. The air brake system on our trucks is actually pretty simple and works the same on almost all trucks. All air brake systems use air pressure to apply the brakes when you step on the pedal. The air is stored in a series of pressure tanks on the truck. The pressure is regulated by the air governor on the air compressor.

Most, if not all systems, work on psi of pressure. Some systems have an air dryer, which dries the moisture out of the air to keep it from freezing in the winter time.

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Semi-Trailer Glad Hand Lock James King Glad Hand Lock prevents unwanted hook-up to your trailer, securing your load. Deadlines emergency air line. Customers also bought in related categories. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your.

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Glad Hands and Glad Hand Seals Glad Hands and Glad Hand Seals Air brake glad hands are coupling devices used to connect the service lines blue and emergency air lines red from the truck or tractor to the trailer. The glad hand couplers have a rubber seal, which prevents air from escaping. The rubber seals in the couplers need to be clean to function properly when a connection is made.

Oct 09,  · so on the truck side of the trailer brake glad hands are they a special thing or just regular old glad hand receptacles? I see they have pipe thread that goes into a through frame fitting and has a shut off valve, so it looks like i only need the glad hand part.

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A turn of the glad hand attached to the hose will join and lock the couplers. Drivers must make sure to couple the proper glad hands together. To help avoid mistakes Phillips, Haldex, Sloan and Tectran air brake glad hands are color coded.

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