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Adapted from Heyward, V. For example, a client with the maximum bench press of lbs. Again, due to a lack of established norms, the number of successful lifts may be used as a marker to assess gains in muscular endurance. Absolute Method With the absolute method, muscular endurance is assessed by counting the number of successful repetitions of a “fixed” load over time. This type of testing is very important in fields such as fire-fighting and construction, where being able to repeatedly lift certain loads is necessary for the job Nieman, The curl-up and push-up are the most common calisthenic-type muscular endurance tests used by fitness professionals. The curl-up for abdominal muscle endurance has been suggested as an alternative to the sit-up due to dissatisfaction with the involvement of the hip flexors when performing a sit-up motion Neiman, Steps to perform this test include the following: Start supine with the arms extended by the side, palms facing the floor, and fingers extended.

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Employee Wages and Benefits Concept The principle of non-diminution of benefits states that: Other benefits are offered by the employer as an incentive to attract and retain employees as well as increase employee morale and improve job performance. Common application In employment setting, the principle of non-diminution of benefits finds application when a change initiated by the employer to existing company policies, specially matters concerning employee benefits, results in reduction, diminution or withdrawal of some or all of the the benefits already enjoyed by the employees.

For example, if the employees of a certain company is traditionally granted 14th month pay, and the employer subsequently withdrew such benefit, or reduced its amount, the reduction or withdrawal is objectionable on the ground that it would result to diminution of benefits. Requirements The application of the principle presupposes that a company practice, policy and tradition favorable to the employees has been clearly established; and that the payments made by the company pursuant to it have ripened into benefits enjoyed by them.

It should have been practiced over a long period of time; and It must be shown to have been consistent and deliberate.

Pleasure is not normally a word that we associate with exercise. When I started my Pilates class a few weeks ago, I came away smiling after an hour of gentle and mindful stretching to soft music.

Acton was first settled by Native Americans who used the Assabet, Sudbury and Concord rivers for transportation and the fields for farming seasonal crops. There is evidence of Native American settlements in Acton which go back years. When the colonists arrived in this area, the Native American population dropped dramatically due to European diseases for which they had no immunity. The original boundaries of Concord included all of Acton and residents used the Acton land as grazing fields for their animals.

In , the first homestead was built within the modern day boundaries of the town. Acton was established as an independent town on July 3, Acton has held annual town meetings since , the records of which are held at Acton’s Memorial Library. The anniversary of this day is celebrated in Acton as Crown Resistance Day. The Acton minutemen were led by Captain Isaac Davis.

When a company was needed to lead the advance on the bridge which was defended by the British regulars, Captain Davis was heard to reply, “I haven’t a man who is afraid to go. The colonists advanced on the bridge; in the exchange of musket fire that followed, Captain Isaac Davis and Private Abner Hosmer of Acton were killed. Davis was the first officer to die in the American Revolutionary War.

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How do I access the Microsoft Certification benefits and exams dashboard the first time? After you pass your first Microsoft Certification exam, you will receive a welcome email message outlining the steps needed to gain access to the benefits and exams dashboard. Please check your junk folder to ensure that the automatic email message is not blocked by your spam filter.

Here are the instructions you will receive in the email message. Create a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one. On your first visit, click on the link provided in the email and use your Microsoft account to log in to the benefits and exams dashboard.

Track Your Attractiveness! For those that are serious about becoming more attractive with a high net worth, we can recommend Personal Capital. The Company offers *free* software tools with the following four key features: 1) ability to avoid losing money by tracking all fees associated with an investment product allowing you to choose the best possible fund for your future, 2) portfolio.

Tacx Flux Smart turbo trainer Manufacturer: Following on from the all-singing Tacx Neo Smart , the indoor trainer giant has managed to package up the benefits of direct drive into a very competitively priced trainer. Ideally it is suited to a dedicated training room or space, as once it is built the sheer weight and bulk makes it difficult to practically move regularly. Further compounding the immovability is the lack of a carry handle or even basic hand holds, making carrying awkward.

Something I feel Tacx has forgotten, as main rival Wahoo has included one on its excellent Kickr turbo trainer. This also means that if you are a serious high mileage indoor rider, spare bodies can be relatively easy to source. Edco also uses decent sealed bearings for reliable performance. Spacers for fitting 9 and speed cassettes are supplied along with multiple lockring options.

At this moment the Tacx Flux Smart is only configured for use with standard quick release so not thru-axle frame configurations. This means that a power source needs to be available to run the unit properly.

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More For you ladies looking for a simple treatment to eliminate an itchy scalp, to thicken thinning hair, or to eliminate scalp and hair dryness try using Neem oil. Applying a few drops of this oil to your scalp and hair or using it as a hot oil treatment before washing will provide you with a healthier scalp, better hair texture and reduce shedding and breakage. What is Neem Oil?

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Personal Trainer Pro 1: They teach you new things 1 of 10 If you’re new to the gym experience, getting a personal trainer is a smart idea. Many gyms offer a free session at sign-up to help you get familiar with the machines, and more in-depth sessions can help perfect your form. Personal Trainer Pro 2: They’re sometimes your therapist 2 of 10 Having friend drama? Your trainer can be the perfect person to talk it out with while you’re bending, balancing, and lifting.

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Acton is located at According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of square miles (53 km 2), of which square miles (52 km 2) is land and square miles ( km 2), or percent, is all of Acton is forested, except for where it has been cleared for residential or agricultural use.

She is a certified personal trainer who speaks and writes on fitness, health, travel and lifestyle issues. Purdie received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Washington, her master’s degree from the University of Phoenix and a publishing certification from Arizona State University. Olive oil has been used on skin dating back to ancient Greek civilizations.

For those with eczema or extremely dry skin, this oil will penetrate deep into the epidermis to nourish and soften skin without any unnatural ingredients or allergens. Video of the Day Importance of Olive Oil Olive oil is used everyday for health purposes, including eczema. It is safer to use than other oils you would find on the market because it is all-natural and very few people are allergic to it.

Therefore, there is very little chance it would cause any type of damaging skin reaction. Even for those who suffer from severe eczema, sensitive skin or contact dermatitis, olive oil is a good choice to assuage dry, flaky skin. When purchasing olive oil, look for extra virgin. Other types of olive oils may be treated and processed.

Extra virgin will be the purest form you can buy and the most dependable for treating eczema. Make Your Own Olive Oil Lotion For those who suffer from eczema and are too cautious to try products on the market because of past allergic reactions, you can make your own lotions and potions using all-natural ingredients. Also, adding sugar to oil will create an exfoliant that can rid your skin of the flakiness caused by eczema.

Be sure to follow this up with plenty of lotion.

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February 19, Photo cc by personaltrainertoronto Do you want to hire a personal trainer to help you get in shape, but wonder if you should spend the money? Working with a trainer can push your fitness level forward much more quickly than working out on your own. Here are six reasons why hiring a skilled personal trainer is a great investment. He or she has a vested interest in seeing that you complete your workouts. Money spent is good motivation to work out.

From the emotional and social impact of their presence to the physical and mental benefits, there’s a whole host of feel-good factors your furry friend can bring.

Known for their devotion and happy dances, dogs can take a big bite out of isolation. Just hanging out with a furry friend, studies show, has a revitalizing effect. Here, 10 benefits of later-life dog ownership. A study in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that dog owners walk approximately one hour longer per day than those without a fetching friend in their lives.

Having a dog also reduces the risk of heart attack — and boosts your chances of long-term survival if you have one. Studies show that dog owners exhibit higher degrees of self-discipline than those without. Dogs, like humans, thrive on structure; they need to be fed, walked and nurtured at regular intervals. Dogs help you stay safe and independent: They provide ears for the deaf, eyes for the blind and an early warning system at the approach of dangers both real and imagined, of course!

Studies show you can teach an old dog new tricks — or simply take it for long, calm walks. When you can play with it during the day and then head home!

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